How to choose a removal company

It is not easy to find a reliable company among plenty of removal companies in modern logistics market. The main thing to do is to take active position and test the opportunities well enough. The more information you can gather the easier it will be to choose a really good carrier.

Today the visiting card of any removal company is its web site where you can learn the history of the company, its age, scale, the range of services, etc. Further information can be found in the specialized press resources and internet portals dedicated to moving. Do not neglect to read reviews, look through so-called "black lists". From all these resources you can draw a general picture of what is a particular moving company and whether you should trust it.

If you find the company is good enough be convinced of its reliability during conversation with its manager. As far as this conversation is complete and competent, so successful and comfortable will be your upcoming moving. Do not be afraid to seem tedious and obtrusive, do not be afraid to ask lots of questions. Manager of civilized removal company should be polite to the customer and answer all his questions.

So, below is a list of questions that will help you to avoid common mistakes in selecting removal company.

Does the company offers a free assessment of the removal? Assessment of the cost of the removal at early stage allows to estimate the costs that would entail the removal, as well as to compare removal companies in price for the service. It's nice if assessment service is offered free of charge.

What is the final cost of the removal and how is it formed? Ask about the cost of each service included in the list of the removal thus you will know exactly what you pay for.

What are the terms and the procedure for payment of the removal? Make exact whether the company requires to make some payments before starting of the work. As a rule reliable companies do not practice this.

Does initial cost of the removal remain the same or may increase? Well if agreed price remains fixed until the end of the removal, excluding any kind of surcharge.

Does the company perform removals in evening hours, weekends and holidays? Is there an extra charge for such removal? Professional companies are working without breaks and days off, the main thing for them is to be useful to the customer and to satisfy his needs.

Has the company got own staff of loaders or enlist the services of temporary workers? Conscientious removal companies do not engage "off the street" people in work, besides they provide professional training to their employees.

What type of packaging material is used by the company? Reputable companies always offer their clients a variety of packaging materials of high quality.

Does the cargo transport comply with the requirements to transportation of valuable possessions? It should be noticed that the body of vehicle specifically equipped for transportation must be covered with shock-absorbing material (for shock absorption of vibration during transportation) and must be equipped with on-board attachments for fixing furniture and things.

How long does the whole removal take? Experienced company will plan your removal properly to optimize the terms of its implementation.

What rules are valid in the case of cancellation of removal or slippage of its terms? You should always have the option to cancel or reschedule your removal a few days before starting of the work.

Is property insurance offered to the customer? Insurance of the removal at the expense of the removal company is a sure sign that you have turned to responsible carrier. Ask for what term and to what extent is transported property insured.

Are there any recommendations to make the removal easier? Experienced removal companies certainly will share tips and secrets that will assist you to move with minimum losses and maximum comfort.