Tips for flat removal

Whether you change your place of residence for the first time or move twice a year – in either case you find useful our tips aimed at making your flat removal successful and safe event. Thus the checklist is as follows:

Prepare in advance. Start planning your flat removal at least 2 weeks before the set date of the removal. Search for reliable removal company, ask family members to look after your kids and pets on a day of the removal.

Sort out the belongings. Remember that one of the criteria for determining the cost of the removal is a volume of transported possessions, so it is rational to sort out your things thoroughly not to carry old possessions or those you no longer need.

Think about packaging. If you decide to pack things on your own, make provision of sufficient safe packaging materials such as those offered by online shop "All for the removal". If you entrust the packing with professionals then make sure they use qualitative packaging materials.

Prepare the appliances. The day before the removal unplug domestic appliances, defrost the refrigerator, make sure that the manufacturer's instruction does not contain the direction to specialized transportation.

Mark packed items. While packing belongings and dismantling furniture do not forget to mark the boxes and component parts; fold furniture accessories in separate parcels and label them.

Transport on your own. Essential things, documents and valuables transport on your own to avoid any loss among the rest of the possessions.
Take care of insurance. Remember that insured means calm, so do not neglect property insurance, in the first place this is your guarantee of reliability and security of the removal.