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Apartment Moving

If you are planning an apartment moving, You don’t have to call all your relatives and neighbors, search for a car, movers or loaders, ask for boxes in the nearest store and you no longer need to panic. From now on, your worries are completely our worries. Call to Muraha Moving Company now. We speak English.

Office Moving

Office relocation from us will get rid of all possible problems associated with this process.
We will transfer everything: furniture, techniques, documents and your favorite cup.
Just imagine: in the evening you were still drinking tea in your old office, and the next morning enjoying coffee in the spacious walls of your new office.
Call to Muraha Moving Company now.
We speak English.

Goods Storage

Recently the storage boxes service has become increasingly in demand in Ukraine.
When moving, repairing an apartment or office, while reducing residential, office and retail space,  for long business trips or renting an apartment - use goods storage service.
We will make your life easier and keep your goods in safety.
Call to Muraha Moving Company now.
We speak English.

Industrial Moving

The Mega-Ant division is a team of “strong men” that is capable of completing a task of any complexity. For example, organize a relocation of the plant and transport heavy specialized equipment, move a three-meter marble statue. Mega-Ant is capable of transporting heavy oversized cargo, industrial and banking equipment.

Moving Boxes

Boxes have remained the most sought after packaging material for many years. Surprisingly, it is these rectangular cardboard boxes that can hold the contents of an entire apartment or a spacious office. Call to Muraha Moving Company now to order. We speak English.